• Christine Kiout

The TRUTH About the Twin Flame Runner-Chaser Dynamic

Updated: Oct 20

The dreaded Runner-Chaser Dynamic is one of the most common concerns on the Twin Flame Journey. Very frequently, people wonder how to deal with their runner twin, which of the two categories they fall into, or even if these roles switch. In today's article, I'll address the truth about experiencing this dynamic, and how you can heal it once and for all.

Why Does The Twin Flame Runner Run?

In order to gain deeper clarity about the Twin Flame runner, let's return to the basics of Twin Flames. You and your Twin Flame are two unique beings who share one consciousness. Twin Flames share the same soul DNA, and make the same core choices because they're one at the core.

Based on these principles, if you experience your Twin Flame running from you, this means there must be a part of you that is running from love. It's safe to examine your feelings and beliefs about love in an honest way: do you fear love, or believe it will hurt you in any way? Perhaps you've been abandoned in the past, and are terrified of having that experience again.

Whatever the answer is for you, it's the key to how you can heal this dynamic in your Union. Applying the mirror exercise will give you the much desired relief. The Twin Flame Journey is one of self love, so focusing on what your Twin Flame is doing instead of healing doesn't serve you.

As a divine being, you're always having an internal experience. Especially when it comes to your Twin Flame Union, you can't make it happen outside of you. The healing of separation consciousness can't be faked.

Union is attracted, not chased.

-Jeff and Shaleia, Free Twin Flame Introductory E-Course.

How Do I Stop My Twin Flame Runner From Running?

The most important part about your Twin Flame's running isn't the reason they give you, but how you feel about it. Your reality is a living thing, and communicates with you through your experiences and feelings.

It's your Twin Flame's responsibility to heal why they feel they need to run, and it's your responsibility to heal the upsets this experience brings up for you. Because Twin Flames choose as one, you don't need to worry about what they're doing. Focusing on self-love and your growth is key. Your Twin Flame will always mirror your choices, whether you choose separation or union.

You're responsible for feeling good, and choosing to do that only brings you closer to your beloved Twin Flame. Loving yourself all the way to peace ensures you overflow with it from within, and thus have more to share with the world. This is magnetic to your Twin Flame.

If you try to chase your union, it will run away from you. But if you surrender and learn to fall in love with yourself one step at a time, it's guaranteed that you'll attract it (and feel great while doing so!).


Your Twin Flame is your partner in ascension, which is the reason why they mirror to you even your deepest fears. This is why it's important not to take your Twin Flame's behavior personally. To bring awareness to your patterns is an act of divine love, so you can experience permanent freedom and relief from them once you heal them.

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