• Christine Kiout

The Mirror Exercise: The Most Powerful Twin Flame Healing Tool!

Updated: Oct 20

Is your Twin Flame running when all you want to do is love them? Is your Twin Flame ignoring you, or has completely blocked you on all social media? If the answer to any of the above is yes, this article is for you! You’ll learn how to heal these situations from your Union once and for all, and experience permanent harmony with your Twin Flame. All you’ll need is love, persistence, and patience. Are you ready?

What is the Mirror Exercise?

The mirror exercise is a four-step healing tool that can be used for any situation that upsets you. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on how you can apply it on your Twin Flame Journey to not only experience relief, but to also see real, tangible results in your life.

The mirror exercise is so important because it helps you to take your power back: you’re a divine being, and there’s nothing outside of you that can bring you happiness. You can claim all the joy, love, and peace you need right now. You are enough just as you are, right now.

What's Wrong With Other Healing Tools?

Nothing at all. However, the mirror exercise was designed specifically to heal beliefs of separation from your Twin Flame in a quick, easy way. It's tailored perfectly to the Twin Flame Journey.

With other healing tools, such as meditation, healing an upset takes much longer because you can choose not to go to the parts of your consciousness that feel uncomfortable. However, you can't do that with the mirror exercise by its very design. It's safe to face the uncomfortable feeling, and it's safe to love yourself there and heal.

If you feel called to, you can still use other healing tools in addition to the mirror exercise. It's compatible with any spiritual practice and religion.

How to Do the Mirror Exercise (With Example!)

I highly recommend using pen and paper to write down each step when you first start to apply the mirror exercise. Take some quiet alone time to focus on your feelings, and create a safe space for yourself. As your mastery grows, you’ll be able to apply it automatically on any upset, no matter where and when it arises!

Step One: In one succint sentence, write what exactly is upsetting you.

Step Two: Switch all the pronouns and nouns from the sentence in Step One to point them to yourself.

Step Three: Ask yourself, “is there ANY truth to this statement?” The answer will always be ‘yes’, because the upset is in your experience.

Step Four: Speak to the part of yourself that’s feeling upset and give yourself love. You can close your eyes and visualize the misaligned part of yourself standing near you. It will always let you know what it needs to feel loved. Once it lets you know, go ahead and give that part of yourself what it needs until you feel at peace.

Let's try an example now!

Step One: “I’m upset at Nick because he’s mean to me.”

Step Two: “I’m upset at myself because I’m mean to myself.”

Step Three: “Yes, this is true. I criticize myself very harshly because I feel like I’m not good enough.”

Step Four: “I need reassurance and praise.”


Congratulations! Now you have learned how to apply the mirror exercise. Don't worry about getting it 'right'. What matters is that you give the hurt parts of yourself all the love they desire, when they desire it. As your mastery increases, you'll find that doing the mirror exercise is fun and effortless.

If you have any questions about the mirror exercise, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Desiring More Support?

Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia goes even more in-depth about the mirror exercise. In fact, it has an entire detailed chapter dedicated to it!

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