• Christine Kiout

How Long Does Twin Flame Reunion Take?

Will Twin Flame Union happen tomorrow, in a month, or in ten years? In this lifetime, or the next? This question is one of the most common, especially for those who are new to their Twin Flame Journey. But what is really true about the so-called Divine Timing?

Is Twin Flame Union A Matter Of Time?

Time as we understand it does not exist on a spiritual level. You attract your Twin Flame Union in steps, which you can take as slowly or as quickly as you desire. If you heal what is blocking you from coming into union with your Twin Flame, then your union can manifest in seconds. If you are committed to your inner work, your union will happen quickly and inevitably.

However, if you only want to desire into your union, but are not willing to do the necessary inner work to make it happen, then you will not come into union no matter how much time passes. Entire lifetimes could go by with absolutely no results, because your relationship with your Twin Flame starts within you. It is not something you can achieve without taking the spiritual journey, which is unique to each individual but at its core is the same: the dissolution of every belief and feeling that is not aligned with Divine Love.

What Really Delays Twin Flame Union?

As divine creatures, we all have free will. You and your Twin Flame choose as one. It doesn't matter if you are in relationships with others, do not have enough money, or are not talking to each other at the moment. All of these reasons can be healed within seconds by practicing the mirror exercise Through dedication to your inner work, you can come into your Twin Flame Union even over the course of a weekend.

The only thing holding back your union is your choice not to have it for whatever reason. If you believe you have to "wait" for something, then through the Law of Attraction, you will constantly experience situations where you have to wait to get what you desire. The only way to end the vicious cycle is by choosing your Twin Flame Union, and claiming it.

Twin Flame Union Is For Everyone

There is a very common (and false) belief that it is rare for Twin Flames to be together, or that Twin Flame Union is only for the awakened few. But this is not the case. We are all created with our Twin Flame, and we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator. There is absolutely no reason for those who desire union and do their inner work not to have it.

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