• Christine Kiout

Are Twin Flame Relationships Worth It?

Happy 2021! May your year be filled with peace, love, and joy. To welcome this year, I will share 4 reasons why it's worth it to be with your Twin Flame instead of anyone else. As someone who has been in her fair share of relationships, I've definitely noticed a huge difference between dating soulmates, and my Twin Flame.

Sometimes, this journey can feel too much, so it's important to remember what the reward is.

What is a Twin Flame?

For those of you that are still new to the Twin Flame Journey, your Twin Flame is essentially you in another body. You share the same consciousness and core values, and you have complementary visions for your lives. In other words, your Twin Flame is your perfect partner, created for you by the Divine.

The Freedom to be Your Full Self

In my relationships with soulmates, I could never be my full self around them. Some topics I was deeply interested in were too triggering for them, and thus there could be no discussion about them without a huge fight. There was always a lingering feeling of needing to censor myself so that the other person would still like me. I was walking on eggshells.

As you can imagine, repressing parts of myself for a relationship was a massive drain on my energy. However, with my Twin Flame, I never need to hide. No discussion is off-limits, and even if there is an intial disagreement, it's easy to get clear and reach an agreement quickly.

It's so incredibly freeing to be in a relationship where your full self is seen, respected, accepted, and loved. With your Twin Flame, you never need to be anyone but yourself in order to receive love.

Always Growing Together, Never Apart

This is a common issue with soulmate relationships: sooner or later, you or the other person will outgrow the relationship. Especially if you're consciously on your ascension path, which involves constantly raising your vibration.

Remember the little definition in the beginning of the article? You and your Twin Flame share one consciousness, which means you make the same core choices. Are you choosing separation from the Divine? So is your Twin Flame. Are you choosing harmony with all of yourself? So is your Twin Flame.

This is wonderful because you never have to worry about your Twin Flame changing their mind all of a sudden one day, and leaving. The only reason to separate is if you choose it (which I assume you wouldn't after doing all the healing work to come together). Even if your desires change over time, so will theirs to match yours, and vice versa. It's an effortless, harmonious dance. Soulmates, on the other hand, don't choose as one.

Isn't it incredibly relaxing to know that you can, indeed, have your happily ever after?

Ever-deepening Romance

Another issue I noticed in soulmate relationships was that romance ceased sooner or later. After some time, being around this person felt like being around a good buddy, or even a roomate.

This isn't the case with your Twin Flame, as you're designed to be lovers. Romance between Twin Flames starts from within, and externalizes as you keep investing your energy into self-romance. Going on dates with yourself, seeing yourself as lovable, and treating yourself as precious all contribute to the romance you experience in your relationship with your Twin Flame.

In soulmate relationships, romance starts from the outside, and becomes internalized over time. This means that most of your energy is poured to the outside, instead of invested in self-love. Loving a soulmate partner is separate from loving yourself, but this is not the case with your Twin Flame, because your Twin Flame reflects all the love you have given yourself first.

Choosing to put yourself first in a soulmate relationship will inevitably lead to break-up sooner or later. On the other hand, doing the same in your Twin Flame relationship will only ever bring your Twin Flame closer to you, because this is the nature of divine love.

Choosing the Right Partner is an Investment in Yourself

Warren Buffet has claimed, "the most important decision is who you marry." Your life partner is the person you spend a good portion of your life with. You build a life together: this includes the house you live in, the family you create together, and even influences your career.

Having a partner who matches you means you'll never need to compromise on the life you desire. If your partner is supportive of you, then you'll be able to get farther ahead in your career, because it'll feel good to do so. If you desire to raise children, you'll be able to provide them with a happy home, and a family that will always be there for them.

As you can see, choosing a partner who isn't your perfect match will result in not growing in some areas of your life. Why would you only choose some pieces of yourself to nurture, but not others? Why not choose the person who was created to grow with you, and meet the same goals in life as you?


For those desiring growth in all areas of life, the only choice that makes sense is your perfect partner: your Twin Flame. There are, of course, so many more reasons to choose your Twin Flame as your life partner, but the reasons above are some of the most important in my opinion.

What are your top reasons for choosing to be with your Twin Flame? Share in the comments below!

Much love,


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