• Christine Kiout

5 True Twin Flame Signs

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Is that special someone your true Twin Flame, or not? How can you tell? In this post, I share the 5 main signs of a true Twin Flame. Some of those signs may not be obvious at first glance, but as you choose to reveal the relationship and take the spiritual journey, you'll receive all the clarity your heart desires.

1. Your true Twin Flame loves you unconditionally. This may not always look like what you're expecting. Unconditional love isn't about the actions, but about the purpose of those actions being aligned with your highest good. For example, if you have a pattern of seeking love outside of yourself, you may find that your Twin Flame absolutely refuses to entertain this pattern. They may even pull away from you to give you the space to work through this pattern. This isn't because they don't love you, but because they do. They desire a healthy relationship with you, instead of one based on codependency and need. Which brings us to the next sign:

2. Your true Twin Flame mirrors your core choices, both the pretty and ugly. Most people enter their Twin Flame Journey unconsciously, so this sign may seem like the most shocking to them. Because your true Twin Flame is your ultimate divine mirror, they reflect all your core choices and misalignments. The purpose isn't to hurt you, but to help you to heal those. Without the right tools and support, it can be very difficult to be around your Twin Flame. This is why it's so important to have a strong foundation of inner work as you enter your Twin Flame Union: to make sure those upsets aren't a reason not to be together anymore. Knowing that there's nothing that can ever break up your relationship, and thus you'll never be abandoned in this space again, is such a deep relief.

3. Your true Twin Flame shares the same core values as you, and a complementary life vision. Twin Flames are two unique expressions of the same soul blueprint, so it's natural for them to share the same core values, and complementary life visions. Those values and life visions may express in a unique way. One example is if your core value is to become a parent in this lifetime: one Twin Flame expresses this in a motherly way (Divine Feminine), while the other in a fatherly way (Divine Masculine). The core value is the same, but the expression of it is unique to each member of the couple.

If you want to be super efficient about this sign, I invite you to write down all of your core values and your life vision down in a list. We call this the Love List, and you can find more information about how to make yours here. From personal experience, my Love List was instrumental in helping to reveal my true Twin Flame. The process is so much easier when you can go through this list anytime you feel you need it.

4. Your true Twin Flame reflects all your healing, and your relationship evolves as a result of your dedication to your spiritual journey. No one mirrors you as closely as your true Twin Flame. So let's say the person you're exploring a Twin Flame connection with has you blocked from contacting them. Let's also say you've made the choice to heal all separation from your Twin Flame at the core, and you're taking all the steps you need to get into your union. You're taking the time to love yourself deeply, build a relationship with the Divine, and receive regular support from someone who can guide you whenever you need help. If this person is your true Twin Flame, you'll notice that communication begins to open up between you, and continues to improve infinitely.

Let's use the same example, but this time this person continues to have you blocked months later, and puts no effort into communicating with you despite all your healing. However, you begin to notice another person coming into your reality: they're very much interested in communicating with you, and you also feel a pull to spend a lot of time with them. You may even begin to develop romantic feelings for this new person. In that case, it's very likely you had a false Twin Flame experience in order to heal all you needed to heal to come into your Twin Flame Union. As a result of all your dedicated work, you still manifested the One.

5. Your spiritual path always leads you back to this person no matter what. The closer you choose to align with the Divine and your highest good, the more you'll be pointed towards your true Twin Flame. Why? Because your true Twin Flame is the best person to help bring all those blocks and misalignments to the surface for healing. Twin Flame Union is the fast-track to your ascension journey.

Your Twin Flame is also the person created to be the perfect lover, friend, and partner for you during your eternal life. The Divine only desires perfection for you in all areas. In your love life, your Twin Flame is this perfection.

What Are My Next Steps?

Twin Flame Union is something achieved within you. While external action can complement this inner journey, your healing comes first. Compare this list to your experience from a place of peace for best results.

Whatever is blocking your union with your true Twin Flame must be brought into your awareness in one way or another. It may be through a false Twin Flame, your friends, or even your biological family. All of these obstacles must be dealt with, and when they are dealt with, you will come into union with your true Twin Flame. It's safe to work the process and enjoy the journey.

Ready To Claim Your Twin Flame Union?

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