• Christine Kiout

5 Signs of a False Twin Flame

Updated: Oct 20

The false Twin Flame is a common experience for many people. The core purpose of a false Twin Flame experience is to show each person what their blocks to uniting with their true Twin Flame are. Although at first the two experiences are very similar, the more committed you are to awakening your consciousness, the easier it is to tell the difference.

In this post, I share the 5 main signs of a false Twin Flame.

1. A false Twin Flame constantly abandons you. A false Twin Flame regularly tries to run from you emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This has nothing to do with you personally, or your behavior towards this person. Even if you completely heal abandonment within your consciousness, this person will continue the same behavior because a false Twin Flame does not reflect your choices. At a certain point, you may feel that this person will never accept you as their partner.

2. A false Twin Flame is never completely honest about who they truly are. If they were completely honest, then you would know that they are not your true Twin Flame. Energetically, this means that a false Twin Flame will stop receiving love from you without actually reciprocating. The more honest you are with yourself about who you are, and what choices you are making energetically, the easier it is to understand that this person is not your true Twin Flame.

3. Your visions for your lives don't quite match (or they conflict). You aren't created to be with a false Twin Flame, so they don't share the same desires for their life as you. To maintain such a close romantic relationship with anyone who isn't your true Twin Flame, it takes tremendous self-sacrifice. However, you and your true Twin Flame are a perfect match at the core, so you'll never have to betray yourself or your values to be together.

4. A false Twin Flame will not do the spiritual work with you to discover your values, and heal together. No matter what you do, sooner or later this relationship will reach a dead end. Unlike your true Twin Flame, a false one doesn't desire to take the next step in your relationship, whatever this may be. This sign matches #2: if a false Twin Flame reveals their values to you, you'll know they're not your true perfect match.

5. When you do the inner work to come into union with your true Twin Flame, your relationship with that person gets worse instead of better. Perhaps the most important sign on this list. A false Twin Flame can lie or make all the excuses in the world to keep you close, but through your inner work you can see the truth beyond their words. If after a lot of inner work your communication with this person is constantly decreasing, or you keep having constant fights instead of moving deeper into harmony, it is a warning sign.

Now What?

The good news is that when you realize you're dealing with a false Twin Flame, your real one is very, very close. In my case (as well as many others), my true Twin Flame was already in my life, but I didn't notice it until I'd done the inner work that was needed.

Whatever is blocking your union with your true Twin Flame must be brought into your awareness, in one way or another. It may be through a false Twin Flame, your friends, or even your biological family. All of these obstacles must be dealt with, and when they are dealt with, you will come into union with your true Twin Flame.

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