• Christine Kiout

4 Steps To Reveal If Someone Is Your Twin Flame

Lately I've seen this question asked a lot in the Twin Flame collective. As someone who's been in relationships with soulmates, a false Twin Flame, and my true Twin Flame, I can share what I did to reveal those relationships.

Step 1: Make a Love List. The more detailed, the better! But if you feel like starting with a basic list of 5 bullet points, you're more than welcome to. Your Love List perfectly describe who your Twin Flame is at the core. I can't stress how valuable this tool is if you desire clarity.

Since I don't want this post to turn into an epic fantasy trilogy (AKA super long), the first (free!) lesson of the Dreams Coming True E-Course perfectly describes how you can make your Love List in detail. You can get access to it by receiving this Free Starter Kit.

If you're really serious about attaining your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I recommend getting the entire E-Course and completing it. It's really good. I'm actually currently revisiting it with my Twin Flame.

Step 2: Heal, heal, heal. Be consistent with your inner work. Whether the person you're exploring the connection with turns out to be your Twin Flame or not, your inner work is what will reveal it. You get to keep your healing forever, and it's the foundation for your Twin Flame Union to blossom.

Doing your inner work gives you clarity and confidence. Learn the mirror exercise and practice it each time you feel upset. Seriously, it's the best healing tool out there. The quicker and more willing you are at healing upsets, the quicker you'll magnetize your union to you.

Need more support with your healing, or feeling stuck? No problem. Get in touch with me. As a Certified Ascension Coach, I've been trained to help you move through this quickly and easily. As someone who's also had a false Twin Flame experience, I understand fully.

If I didn't have my coaches' support during the time I was revealing my false Twin Flame, I'd still be in that relationship now. Thank God for great support, because I'd have spent the last 7 months chasing after my false twin instead of being happily in union (ain't nobody got time for that).

Step 3: Release attachment. If you desire to be with your one true love, then you have a Twin Flame. It may not be this specific person, but that's OK. For a lot of us, a false Twin Flame helps to fast-track our path to union. So there's no need to worry, or attach to a specific person. If you're taking the steps, you'll always arrive at your destination without fail.

Releasing attachment helps you to have perfect clarity on the relationship quicker. Trust in God's guidance, and walk the path. The truth will always be revealed. Continue to live your life and follow your joy. Sitting in your room all day obsessing over it won't reveal the relationship any quicker.

Focus on your Life Purpose (first 3 classes of Life Purpose Class are free in our free starter kit), family, or other hobbies. Live your life like your Twin Flame is already there, with you. Because they are.

Step 4: Be present. Now that you have a suspicion that this person may or may not be the one, it's good to be present with your relationship. What does it feel like right now? Does it feel fully aligned with your choices, or is there something off?

A while before revealing my false Twin Flame as a false, I started really claiming my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. During a meditation, I invited my true Twin Flame to join me energetically and chill with me. His energy felt so different from the person I'd previously thought to be my Twin Flame. It was a shock.

The following day, my false Twin Flame (at the time boyfriend of almost 3 years) asked me whether I'd been seeing someone else because he felt there was something wrong. I hadn't. All I'd done was call in my true Twin Flame energetically. If that person had been my true Twin Flame, our relationship would've been closer as a result of my inner work.

If I hadn't been present in that relationship, I'd have dismissed this event as something small and silly instead of the huge revelation it was. Every moment takes us deeper into the truth.

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