• Christine Kiout

20 Affirmations To Attract The Love Of Your Dreams!

In need of a dash of romance in your life? Repeating these affirmations regularly will help you to attract your one true love in no time!

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short phrases you can repeat to reprogram your subconscious in order to manifest your desires into your physical reality.

For best results, pair the following affirmations with using the mirror exercise any time an upset or resistence comes up. These upsets point to places within your consciousness that block your desire from manifesting into the physical, so it's equally important to resolve them.

The Affirmations

1. I am in a fulfilling, committed romantic relationship.

2. It is safe to love and be loved.

3. I choose to give and receive unconditional love now.

4. I am in a long-term committed relationship with my dream partner.

5. I am infinitely loved.

6. I choose to claim my twin flame now.

7. I only accept perfect divine love.

8. I am worthy of love.

9. Romance abounds in my life.

10. I choose and claim my twin flame in harmonious union.

11. My one true love and I are meant to be together forever.

12. Attracting love and romance comes easy and naturally to me.

13. I love myself deeply, and this love attracts my dream partner.

14. Manifesting my one true love is easy.

15. I deserve the passionate romance of my dreams.

16. I am deeply fulfilled in my romantic life.

17. I am ready to attract my perfect lover now.

18. My heart is always open to receive love.

19. I express and share my love without hesitation or fear.

20. I choose love over fear every time.

Need More Romance In Your Life?

Twin Flames: Romance Attraction is an 8-part e-course that prepares you to manifest your twin flame into your life, and deepen the romance with them if you're already with them.

Twin Flame Ascension School helps you to manifest harmonious union with your twin flame, and maintain it permanently.

For personalized support, work with me as your twin flame coach. If you desire to invest in any of the resources mentioned above, make sure to contact me at atpeacewithincoaching@gmail.com so that you can receive additional support from me.

Love and blessings,