Christine's Twin Flame Story

Consciously, my Twin Flame Journey started in 2016. I'd been in my first serious relationship, believing that person to be the One. In truth, that relationship had been super toxic from the start. Its ending filled me with both relief and dread. I deeply desired my happily ever after, but would I find it? Was I destined to end up alone?

The end of that relationship brought a new beginning. I recognized the patterns I was running, and why I had attracted that relationship with all its intense highs and lows. I needed something secure, peaceful, and loving instead. And I claimed it with all my heart.

Post-breakup, I took time to deepen my spiritual practice. I'd always found it natural to connect with Spirit since a young age: by the time I entered high school I was following a religious practice that worked for me, and I started giving extremely accurate tarot readings when I was seventeen. But still, something was missing.

Discovering My Twin Flame Teachers

I came across the term "Twin Flames" while browsing spiritual blogs. They described a hard, impossible relationship with frequent running and chasing; you could never escape the connection because that person is you! It sounded familiar, but in no way comforting. Why would I want to spend forever with such a person? Just the thought of it exhausted me.

I was confused and in so much pain. I had always coped in extremely unhealthy ways: that time was no exception. My finances were routinely drained by cigarettes and alcohol, and the only moments in my day when I wasn't miserable were when I meditated and allowed myself to connect deeply to Love Itself. After weeks of crying and praying, the solution presented itself.

"Claiming Your Twin Flame Union In One Step", the video's title proclaimed. As I watched, my heart resonated deeply with what Jeff and Shaleia were sharing. I used the decree they shared, and felt its power as soon as I spoke it from the center of my heart. I knew I would meet my true Twin Flame soon. Turns out, my intuition was right... but not in the way I expected.

I continued to watch Jeff & Shaleia's videos and apply their guidance on my journey. 9 Signs Twin Flame Separation Is Almost Over and If You Can't See This You Will Never Get Into Your Twin Flame Union! were particularly helpful to me as a beginner.

My False Twin Flame Experience

Just like after any major life event, God guided me to travel someplace new. On my first night there, I met him. As soon as I looked into his eyes, I knew he was the one. We sat across each other, and conversation flowed naturally. We liked the same music, had the same sense of humor, and were interested in the same things. It was a no-brainer!

As with any relationship, it felt magical at first. I was constantly bombarded with 1111 anywhere I looked. The most curious synchronicity was that my father's bedside clock broke and constantly displayed the time as 11:11. My boyfriend and I had a lot in common... until we didn't. The deep conversations turned into hours-long fights. I'd taken my Twin Flame Journey extremely seriously: I intentionally connected with God daily, healed any upset as it arose, dove deep into my Life Purpose by training to become an Ascension Coach and watching Life Purpose Class almost daily... but no matter what I did, nothing was moving forward in our relationship. In fact, it was only getting worse. He even admit it he could no longer relate to me.

Realizing you're with a false Twin Flame can feel earth-shattering. It definitely felt like the end of the world for me. Did I even have a Twin Flame? Would we meet? Breakups are tough, even if you know for certain the person isn't the One. Thankfully, after years of knowing and applying Jeff & Shaleia's work, I knew what I had to do. Months filled with healing followed: some days were easier than others. There was crying, laughing, pain, and relief. But at the end of each day was ever-expanding peace.

Meeting My True Twin Flame... Again?

In perfect order, I received signs once again. This time, they felt peaceful and grounded, unlike the previous time. I was guided to explore the connection with a person I'd known since 2016, but we'd only recently become close friends. He lived all the way across the country, but that didn't stop me from genuinely enjoying his presence and company.

Recognizing him as my true Twin Flame was a miracle. Without this work, it would've taken us lifetimes to reunite. (...)