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Hello there! My name is Christine.


I am a divine channel, card reader, writer, life coach, and Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. My mission is to guide twin flames into their permanent physical Harmonious Union.

My Story

I awakened to my spiritual journey in April 2017, driven by the desire to discover my purpose and heal. It was a long, confusing, lonely process until I found Jeff and Shaleia's work.

Through their teachings, I discovered and started to live my life's purpose full-time, recovered permanently from addictive patterns, came into union with my true twin flame, healed the unhealthy relationships in my life, and unlocked my divine creativity like never before.

What I can help you with:

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meet your twin flame and be with them forever in the physical

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discover and live your true life's purpose

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unlock and express your divine creativity

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...and much, much more!

About Ascension Coaching

During our ascension coaching sessions, I will guide you into your heart using the mirror exercise, so that you experience deep peace and heal any upsets that present themselves in your reality. It is from this foundation of deep inner peace that you attract your twin flame in the physical.


The mirror exercise works based on the principle that "as within, so without". Your external reality helps you to identify any choices you have made that are not aligned with Love in the form of upsets. By becoming aware of those negative patterns, you can make a different choice, and thus no longer experience them.

Ascension coaching is not therapy, and should never substitute medical care.


Are We A Good Coach-Client Fit?

Do you:

...desire to experience deep inner peace in all areas of your life?

...want your fairy tale life with your one true love, and are determined to get there no matter what it takes?

...desire to get to know all of yourself intimately and connect with you on an deep level?

...feel ready to go all-in and commit to your healing now, so as not to waste any more time, money, and energy?

If the above apply to you, then I could be the perfect coach for you. Let's take the next step together.